He who sings, prays twice

Choir Practice Thursdays at 7:00 p.m.

The purpose of the church choir is not just to make a joyful noise, but to lead and enliven the congregation’s songs of praise, supporting the worship taking place at Mass. The choir, under the direction of Music Director Bonita Franklin, usually sings two songs at Mass on Sundays. Additional music is learned for Christmas and Easter. Occasionally, the choir performs at other churches, at special celebrations within the diocese, funeral Masses and community musical events. Within the choir, several members also rotate serving as cantor (song leader) each Sunday and other holy days. Reflecting the congregation itself, the choir is quite diverse in the type of music it sings – traditional church hymns, spirituals and contemporary with a generous dose of gospel included.

People singing all parts are welcome to join: soprano, alto and tenor with a special need for bass (currently no bass voices). Rehearsals are about 1.5 hours beginning at 7 p.m. every Thursday in the church with a two- month break in the summer. The ability to read music is not required, nor do you have to audition. A love of music and a commitment to attend rehearsals are all that’s needed. Don’t know what part you sing? Bonita will help you figure that out. A choir robe and collar are provided. Members donate an annual dry cleaning. To join the choir, contact Bonita Franklin after Mass, call her at (405) 412- 7018, email or show up at rehearsal.

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