Father Grover's Corner

Nov 5, 2018

Father’s Corner

Wedding Coordinator

Under the direction of the pastor, and in line with parish guidelines, the wedding coordinator assists the wed- ding party, the presider and parish staff in the preparation of wedding ceremonies. The goal is to provide effective communication both with couples, their families and with presiders in order to make a joyous occasion as smooth as possible.

This may include:

-Becoming familiar with the Rite of marriage text and other resources. -Contacting and meeting with engaged couples, providing them with parish guidelines and answering any questions they may have -Consult with pastor on any requests that may be outside parish guidelines.

-Schedule and meet with engaged couple for follow up when necessary. -May assist with planning the liturgy in accordance with parish guidelines and the archdiocese guidelines for the planning of marriage celebrations.

-Help the couple understand and implement parish policy relating to flowers, music, decorations and video.

-May conduct the wedding rehearsal or assist the presider in doing so. -Documents any last minute changes for the presides approval.

-Attends the wedding if you have conducted the rehearsal.

-Coordinates and/or checks details of the wedding day itinerary including: set-up, camera placement, opening procession, flower placement, musicians, professional photographers, confetti and arrival of participants.

I know it seems like a lot when you list it out like this, but I assure it is one of the most joyful, happy, eustress filled ministries ever. Won’t you join me as wedding coordinator and help to welcome newlywed couples into our parish community.

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